Be the Change! by Eunice Moyle, Sabrina Moyle

Downloaded through Netgalley to read for an honest review.

Score: 4/5

Will be able to buy on March 6, 2018!


Another inspirational book to encourage young folk to get involved with their community. Bright, colorful and quotes galore.  

It gives positive action plan to create change.  Encourages creativity in doing this. 

Feminism, activism and working to create change in your community, etc.

keep it general enough that it can be read by any girl wanting to
change. There is no religious or political drumming happening while
reading this as far as I can tell. They discuss religion, community,
politics but there isn’t trying to convert or change to certain groups.

Quotes and talking points are from inspirational activists — Gandhi (who is of course controversial but liked enough to general public), speak about Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou,etc.

This is fantastic for kids who aren’t already engaged with community work and want to get involved in some way.

Encourage change and also — asking permission if under eighteen to do certain things.

Diversity in the people that they highlight — people who have or are creating change for their communities.

Crafts that go along with the theme of creating change and fighting for things at the end of the book.


For parents who don’t want their children to be engage in things such as protests, feminism and “staying woke”.

protesting in American is legal and encouraged it’s frowned upon by a
lot of people. So, the idea of encouraging protests and activism for
families may not be interested or find offense to this book.

Diversity in photos used in this book is very minimum. It looks as if
some images are repeated or using the same girls — so I think they’re
using images of people they know. Which limits the diversity of


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