Postcards From a War by Vanita Oelschlager

Downloaded through Netgalley to read for an honest review.

Score: 5/5

First Sentence: My name is Matthew Brian Jackson.

This book is already published & ready to be purchased!


It discusses parents in the military. This can be a touchy subject to read as many military focus can be iffy when discussing.

The generic “parent at war” they don’t write a specific war that his mother went to help with. This is good as it can relate to kids years from now with parents in a new war. Basically, allows kids to insert their experience with the military and wartime.

Discussion of emotions and showing them. The grandfather talks about how when he was a kid it wasn’t acceptable to show emotions. They discuss crying and feeling upset about parents going off to war.

Easy to read fonts and ease in reading along with the story. 

I love that the grandfather and grandson are bonding and able to talk about this together. They create their own memory book combining grandfather’s letters from his father and grandson’s mothers letters. Very sweet.

I love the balance of wanting peace and explanation in regards to war and what happens during it. The ending sentences show the grandfather is hopeful for a better time when there isn’t need for war.

“Matthew,” he said,” if anyone can make that happen, it will be you and your friends. And you can always count on me to help you.”


I can’t think of anything that would be negative toward this story. Parents may not enjoy that they don’t heavily idolize the US military it’s depicted as needed and of people who want to  help. But it is still a positive outlook toward the military and the need of having one and going to war.


Yes. This is a lovely historical fiction story that was delightful to read. It definitely is possible to help relieve kids of anxiety about their parents being deployed. Or a way to discuss veterans or anything military to students or your kids.

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