A Tale of Two Mommies by Vanita Oelschlager

Downloaded through Netgalley to read for an honest review.

 Score: 5/5

First sentence: If you have a momma and a mommy who fixes things when they break?

Summary: A Tale of Two Mommies is intended for 4-8 year olds.
This book lets us look inside one non-traditional family, a same sex couple and their son. As the children talk, it’s clear this boy lives in a nurturing environment where the biggest issues are the everyday challenges of growing up.

This is out and ready to be purchased. You can read this for free through Kindle Unlimited if you’re not wanting to keep it. I’m sure you can check it out at a public library, too!


It’s an easy to read with fun illustrations. This child has two friends who are asking him questions about his parents. He answers them and each answer comes with a cute illustration. I love that these are set up in a Q & A verse where neither person is upset with one another.

They just are curious and want to know more. It’s a ‘safe space’ for kids to get answers.


In A Tale of Two Daddies their names their daughter called them was Poppa and Daddy.  In this one the mom’s are called momma and mommy which can be hard for kids to keep track of while they’re reading.

Kids who are confused because of the similarities in names can use the illustrations to help distinguish the difference between the parents. Mommy wears a watch and Momma wears a bracelet and is depicted with nail polish.


As usual, yes, it’s adorable enough read for a kid to be entertained. Especially, if they have friends with  gay parents. For in the classroom LGBT material for kids in some regions is still “taboo” so that is definitely a teeter-totter in whether appropriate for your classroom.

There is another one called “A Tale of Two Daddies”, too! 


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