Day Shift – Charlaine Harris

Top text Charlaine Harris bottom text reads Day Shift. Image is of an older hotel in the day
Top text Charlaine Harris bottom text reads Day Shift. Image is of an older hotel in the day
Day Shift by Charlaine Harris

I enjoyed this one better than the first one. The pace was still fairly slow but there was a dash more suspense. More movement but it was still closer to sitting on the porch spending the day not moving or planning on doing a whole lot.

There was more Joe, Chuy and Rev in this book. Rev wasn’t a main character but he was mentioned more and you got the feel of who and what he was to the town. Joe and Chuy,

Olivia gets more time in the story. Lemuel is gone this book. He’s only mentioned and does one thing in this book. He’s still working on the books that Bobo had in the last book.

Manfred and Fiji are still a lot of the book focus. Not a complaint. Manfred is easier to read about. Even though most of it was worrying about how he was going to pay his lawyer.

The first book there was noticeable mention of Bobo’s favorite chair in the pawn shop. In this the mention repeatedly the heat and having to leave the door open to air out.  It was even used as a way to show a characterization of the lawyer.

I liked Rev and Diederik’s side story. I liked how it showed the group coming together to help the Rev out with the new resident. 


Solution to their issue is resolved cleanly and after a few dramatic events outside of Midnight.

The book ends with the gas station being robbed. The sheriff and Madonna goes to help fix this. It is mentioned lightly through the book. I just wasn’t expecting it to be the ending story to the story. It was comical way to end the story. I think it was meant to be comical.

The solution to their problem is solved in the background. It is solved after several trips and events out of Midnight but still is solved without the characters being there.

I still don’t understand why Olivia called Lewis to come to Midnight to confront Manfred. She then called Bertha to follow Lewis. Did she somehow know that Bertha was apart of the issue, trying to kill both of them? I feel as if I missed something with this portion of the story.


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