Midnight Crossroad – Charlaine Harris

From what I’ve gathered this series is a characters from other books. I haven’t read any of the other books by Charlaine Harris that have these characters. I started this series because I loved the television show Midnight Texas.

I know it’s frowned on to watch before reading but I didn’t know it was a book until I started the series. I just jumped into the series without a lot of background information.

So, I started the book. Now the pace level and what happens differs between the television show and the book. I was surprised by this but it didn’t stop me from reading.

It was very slow going but it was enjoyable. It had its funny moments. Example of the slow moving for me, was Bobo and his favorite seat in the pawn shop. It’s mentioned a lot more than I think was needed. But it works.

Characters are still enjoyable whether you’re watching it or reading this book. The problems from the TV show are in this first book. Except the demon finale.

The way they fix the problem in the book made for a different feel of the characters.

Spoilers Ahead.

 It felt weird that Bobo didn’t do more when his girlfriend went missing. They make it feel recent in the TV show so it didn’t feel so ..weird. If I was in a relationship with someone and they had moved in with me. But then go away without taking their things? I would have mentioned that more heavily and tried to figure out what was happening.

That may be a personal thing. People may not feel the same urgency I do with such things. But I was surprised at how little the effort was in this regard.


Of course, with television shows and their book there will be differences. One of the differences is in the TV show they use the word “g*psy” which a lot of people feel is a slur. From my memory, this word is never used in the story so far.

He’s a psychic who people know and like — but y’know he’s a psychic so people aren’t very trusting of someone in that line of work.

Manfred is a bit different in this book as well! I didn’t like him as much as I did in the television show. Which I found hard to adjust to considering I usually like their book character self more than I do them on the TV.

The TV show is heavy on the ~spooky~ mystery small town but there is a jog to running pace when it comes to the drama. In the book, it’s more of sitting on the porch with a pitcher of sweet ice tea and you’re there for most of the day doing a lot of nothing. But that nothing is enjoyable and you leave feeling relaxed and in a good mood by the end.

Relationships between Manfred and Creek. In the TV show there is this pull that brings them together. The whole sneaking behind her fathers back doing something that is frowned on. She doesn’t know her brother is the murderer. In the book she knows, and they aren’t even in a relationship. She’s just an attractive woman he admires from afar and it’s revealed that she knows about her brothers issues. Not that she had known that he had killed the girlfriend.

They also leave at the end of this book. Whereas in the show it felt like there was a possibility that they’ll be there even after everything happened.

All in All

A day sitting on the porch drinking sweet tea kind of feel. There is no or urgency to get to the end. Would recommend if you’re looking for something slow, something that doesn’t need to be rushed. It’s a good read if you’re needing something to fill in some time but not wanting to put a lot of energy into it.


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